AR in Unity

This week, Ty and I started working together.

We had grand plans as far ideas to execute, but realized we were both starting at square 1.3.  Since we both had the basics set up for the Image Target AR in Unity running, we decided to get an Android phone and try object scanning with the Vuforia app.

As it turns out, scanning is a bit more of a pain than we had envisioned. I think most of these pains could have been smoothed over with a proper setup, including proper lighting, rotating dolly, and a gray background. We did get augmentation with the test in the app with a Sesame Oil bottle, which had many differentiated colors on the label.

I took this home to work on and pretty much followed the tutorials by the book, but was having problems.  I have a feeling it is stemming from poor scanning.

Unfortunately, ITP was closed all day Thursday due to weather, so I couldn’t play around with the Android to try to re-scan, so I went back to Image Target recognition. I got that up and running fairly quickly, so moved on to getting the app to run on iOS.

I’ll say now that I’m still in the process, but wanted to post this update. I realize now that I need to update my MAC OS in order to update my XCode in order to get XCode to recognize my iPhone since I’m running the latest OS. I understand most of the steps, but updating my PC OS isn’t trivial…it’s a bit old.

Regardless, the process of sifting through the tedious details and multiple attempts has increased my comfort with Vuforia and Unity.
** Question to ask Rui ** — What is the proper organization of folders and scenes re Unity projects? Where should i keep new packages, assets, etc? Adding new assets in the middle of a project?

While I continue to work on this (goals: 3D object recognition, iOS operation, advance scripts), here is a little bit of the AR I set up in Unity.

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