A microbiome and ‘good’ bacteria is not a novel concept for me. Much of my undergrad was spent in the microbiology department of a university that had a flourishing (pun fully intended) reputation relating to probiotics research. I remember after one advanced microbiology class, I asked my mom for some obscure probiotics from Japan that my professor had religiously espoused. They were prohibitively expensive, especially considering any benefits of probiotics can only manifest after consistent, and long-term use, but nonetheless, Santa delivered that year.

I say that just as a preface to the idea that sometimes science is really bad at understanding things as a whole, particularly on an intuitive level, since they spend so much of their time dissecting the micro and miniscule. Much of biology is replicated in a test tube or in an organism that is not only dissimilar in body, but also in environment. I’ve only come to understand this after taking a step back and better understanding the connection between the physical and mental self. As such, I’m immediately skeptical of any one piece of the puzzle that is titled ‘The Next Big Thing,’ however interesting it may be up close. At the risk of sounding like Avatar James Cameron, our cognitive experience is shaped by the constantly evolving world around and inside of us in a constant feedback loop. It is this extremely complicated and delicate interconnection which I find infinitely fascinating.
On that note, Check this amazing project out!

I also found this page which give greater insight into legalities and myths around GMOs.

BioDesign Ideas/Inspo

*I am interested in buying the “Time Lapse Explorer” kit from uBiome company and somehow using that data and my own body as an experiment.
*Analyzing microbial clouds around certain meals. What ‘clouds’ produce better tastes? Could I create “Cloud Bombs?” re this article
*I f*cking love human tear salt. LOVE.
*Cavity fighting Microbe! old but worth investigating
*Skin Care
*Amazing Resource
  – ethylene sensing bacteria
interesting, but terrifying??

1 thought on “Microbiomes”

  1. This image is insane – and usually how i see the world when i imagine the microbiome cloud we all emit. OMG.

    This is such a delightful post – I love reading your musings, analysis, posits – they are always thoughtful, considered, well-researched and a little (ok maybe a lot) left of center. You really speak my language in spades.

    A cavity fighting microbe could be a HUGE contribution to the world at large – so many people (in first and third world countries) don’t have access to good, let alone any dental care. This could also be a very profitable venture which is great considering your impulse is to help people. Win Win!

    I love the Co-Cultures project. It is amazing. Kadallah is thinking about the benefits of using VR to articulate the microbiome not accessible to the human eye – right, MOST OF IT. Might be worth a conversation.

    Yes, the last resource (CRISPR cas9) is freaking scary. Can’t wait to get to our week on ethics.

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