Tango Tango

This week, I worked with Gal to get Tango up and running.

I must say, this week was far more successful, which I think had to do with the fact that Tango comes as a nice package and we have already been through the updating/software struggles.

Gal and I initially wanted to see what dropping movies into an AR setting would look like, but it turns out video playback on mobile devices is not simple or cheap (expensive plugins). We liked the idea of using depth kit video to place walking talking people in the environment that had an apparition-like quality to them.

After scraping the video idea, we turned our attention to animated avatars. Gal had a fully formed avatar of herself from a previous project, so we wanted to see what that image would look like in AR. After rigging her body in Mixamo, we imported the obj/mesh/image files in as as the body and some pre-made dance animations from Mixamo. We followed these guidelines to build the animated character in Unity.

To quickly scan my body, we used Structure Sensor, downloaded the .obj, uploaded the files to ReMake by Autodesk to re-orient the body and compile to an .fbx, uploaded to Mixamo, rigged and went from there.

We played with several iterations and liked the effect of these bodies dancing around in a circle, to add some life to a dull day or room. As an homage to one of the earliest internet memes, we added some tunes. 


For my final project, I am interested in augmenting the human form. I find it interesting how bodies become unintentional actors in AR experiences, how viewing the ‘real world’ through a screen removes you from it. With my final idea, the main thing I want to address in the relationship between the person/body in front of and behind the screen.

Plan A. I know using a whole body as an object target is kind of tough, but I am really curious to see if I can get Vuforia to recognize parts of the body, like the face or a hand. I like the idea of playing with mental perception by turning a person’s hand into a non-human appendage, like a crab’s claw or even “augmenting” the human form: What would it be like to have 10 fingers?

Plan B. A wearable with multiple object targets that change depending on the shape of the body. I thought this could be a kind of game between two people. Perhaps the augmentation could be in words and the other person’s movement style forms a poem for the person behind the screen. Or a song, if audio was triggered.

I am going to start with plan A and move onto plan B if the technical side is not working out.


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