Bees & Beer UPDATE

We met with Leslie on 3/21 to discuss synthesizing yeast that produces Hops beta acids. Given previous research, this seems very possible.

As we understand it, the process of making humulone is as follows:

Isovaleryl-coA (byproduct of Leucine metabolism) + 3 malonyl coA  (present in yeast)


PIVP (3-methyl-1…) + 2 DMAPP [part of Mevalonate pathway]


Humulone (Bitter Acids)

It seems that researchers, for another reason, have created yeast that produce PIVP.

Our project will focus on the relationship between bees and yeast. Our ideal Beer of the Future creates a self-sustaining ecosystem that is beneficial to both bees and yeast.

How Bees and Yeast can create a circular economy:

  1. Our synthesized yeast creates hops beta acids that kill varroa mites (a major factor in colony collapse disorder).These acids are extracted to protect the hives.
  2. The yeast feeds off the honey produced by the bee hives.
    This fermented liquid, flavored with both honey and the hops acids inherent in the yeast, is sold for human consumption. This provides a steady flow of funding for the colony.
  3. The “used” yeast is fed to the bees as a pollen supplement. This is already a common practice in beekeeping.

March 10 – Begin brewing beer
March 25 – Add honey to beer
                    Begin brewing mead
March 29 – Confirming w/ Leslie re Yeast
                     Conceptual Flow & Design [how will this work?]
April 5 – Design
               Beer is ready!!
April 12 – Build with Chester/Kadallah
                  Design Assets
April 19 – Brew
April 26 – present

How much honey does yeast need?

1 thought on “Bees & Beer UPDATE”

  1. oh my god i love this tipsy bee…and your process and justification is really brilliant! i am also thrilled you are working with Chester and Kadallah – i cannot wait to hear more about this tomorrow – i started thinking about it 1/3 of the way through this post.

    leslie will be in class tomorrow too – so we can pow wow some more.

    one question i have is related to the nutritive property of the honey as a result of this experiment – since it’s such a miracle product – how will this process impact the health and nutritional properties of it. would be amazing if it made it an even more valuable byproduct.

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