Wk3 – Interactions in Unreal

For this weeks assignment, I spent a lot of time playing with fleshing out the world, since I struggled last week. This is the last iteration, but it certainly wasn’t the first. I started and stopped multiple words.

With my mood board, I wanted to create something decidedly and comically feminine to counteract the overt masculinity of this software. Hence, the Womb Warrior. I created a material for the landscape from a scanning electron microscopic image of the womb.
This is the most obvious source of inspiration

Elisa Reimer
Elisa Reimer


Womb Warrior in front of the giant Uterus and Ovary

The interactions are as follows: point light on/off when character enters, color change with ‘B’ press, music cue when actor enters far trigger volume, and sky color change when actor exits.




WombWarrior: week3 demo for Bodies in Motion from Dana Abrassart on Vimeo.

Lab –

Week2: Mapping & Unreal


From the following poem, I went through a brainstorming, word-association session starting with the word “blighted.”

The following ensued.




From this session, I decided to try and visually create a “High-level Overview of Sadness.” I think the point is better illustrated with the writhing avatars, but here is the general idea.




I’ll be the first to admit that I should have spent way more time playing around (and plan to), but given my limitations, I do like the absurd concept.

It took some time to even get the software to open because of version download issues and then the finnecky nature of the program.

I was also having trouble finding certain effects and content in the folder viewer, so I couldn’t migrate the asset. I really wanted a landscape.

I also left that delightful notice in the upper left corner to illustrate that I have not yet determined how to ‘Disable All Screen Messages.’ Definitely taking baby steps with UnReal


Lab 1: Optitrack Basics + Rigid Bodies

This week, we learned how to open, calibrate, and set rigid bodies with Motive Software for the Optitrack Motion Capture system at Magnet.

All went smoothly; nothing tragic to report!

Video to Watch: Merce Cunningham

Projects: After Ghostcatching

Cameras calibrated and Floor Set
Cameras calibrated and Floor Set
Yun and Ido tossing rigid bodies
Yun and Ido tossing rigid bodies
Defining rigid bodies
Defining rigid bodies