Immersive Listening: Midterm Proposal

The midterm will be a 360 video with spatial audio for which sound design is at the center of the concept. While the visuals are an inseparable part of a 360 that give context, you will be evaluated based on the sound design and not the visual components in order to ensure that the audio is your main focus. It must be published in away that allows for viewing on a VR headset of your choice.

For my midterm, abstractly, I am interested in creating a very simple visual that really focuses on the details of sound design. I will definitely use the Theta as I’ve had some experience with it, but have not yet recorded and edited video with it.

Searching for some inspiration online was not fruitful in the sense that there weren’t too many creative applications of 360 sound/video — they are all quite literal. However, it did confirm that I am interested in creating something more abstract

It’s important to me to have a space that is interesting in all directions, whether naturally occurring or curated.

Conceptually, I am interested in creating something around the idea of disembodiment, especially considering the POV afforded by this technology. I want to use this as a way to explore the body from outside the body. This would obviously be my own interpretation, but what does the my body sound like? How do the parts relate to whole? How does the body relate to the mind?

The vision for this is as follows: a room (a tented microstudio, perhaps) filled with white strips of fabric.e240f878a82379bdca47049af4dbf99f



At once, several body parts would appear from cracks or slits in the fabric and move in slow, but sustained ways. Some the body parts would come and go, but nearing the end of the video, a person would be suspended at the top of the tent. The viewer would be directed there with an overhead sound/narrative.

Obviously, the script needs some fleshing out, but I’m committed to working on this.